How the Association was born

The 12th of August 2015, at 3 and a half years old, Vittoria flies up to the sky after having fought for 8 months against a serious form of neuroblastoma.

From this sad event the parents and friends of Vittoria found the strength and the courage to unite and help the children affected by paediatric neoplasms and help their families, to face the difficult journey of the disease.

And so Associazione Vittoria Onlus was born, in honour and memory of Vittoria, with the wish of giving affection, friendship and welcoming hospitality, but also to create a concrete support through the day-to-day difficulties, to allow the children and parents to spend a moment more together, relieving the sense of loneliness and distance from home.


Our Aim

The aim of the association is to become a reference point on which you can count on truly, in a natural and warm way. We would like to offer a welcoming support to meet everybody’s needs, giving, as much as possible, a sense of “normality”.

We would like for the children and their families to be able to face the therapeutic cures with one less worry, enjoying the time spent together, because they know that by their side, in a discreet but always present way, the volunteers of the Association are there.


We are parents, grandparents and friends, we are not doctors.
We are not here to provide technical information on these types of cancers, we only know that they exist and that in some cases can be very severe.
But there are also stories of hope that give us the strength to believe and to fight. This is why we want to be by the side of those who dedicate each day to the research, diagnosis and treatment of these pediatric neoplasms.

To date there has been tremendous progress, but the road is still long and there is room for everyone to lend a helping hand.

Associazione Vittoria will try to make its contribution to accelerate research and to further the understanding and resolution of this plague.

We truly believe!!!




There are many ways in which you can help us, even the smallest of gestures for us is important, it makes us feels more united and stronger. Make the children’s needs and the targets the Associations have set for itself known. Support the Association in its growth and the help it offers in almost any way you find to be useful.


It would be wonderful to have you on board! We have a lot of work to do! Support us with your help; it will be a marvellous experience!